Friday, January 29, 2010

Chardon Red River Shootout

There is really not enough that can be said about how much we truly love Shooter. As the years go by, we realize more and more what a treasure he is. Our first introduction into his bloodline, was his son Scout (pictured at the top of the right side bar). Later, his breeder chose to offer Scout's sister Bailey (who we just had to have). They made us a special deal if we would take her father along. It is just crazy to think that we weren't particularly sure that we wanted him. I can't imagine our pack without him. Actually, there wouldn't be one. Today, every puppy that is born here is in someway a descendant of Shooter. Although his fertility ended some time ago, he remains in good health and enjoys playtime with the pack.

He comes from the outstanding Chardon bloodline, so it is no surprise that he is such an ultimate beagle and beagle producer. In his 7 generation pedigree that we have researched, there are only a small handful of dogs that are not show champions. He is right about 14" tall and a nice broad 26-28 lbs. He is so well mannered; the only time he has ever gotten worked up and barked was the first day he came to Lonesome Grove. He gets along with everyone and has become the foundation of our entire program.

In Loving Memory...Chardon Red River Shootout “Shooter” was born in a litter of 5 on Thursday, June 12, 2003 to Ch. Chardon Hat Trick and Ch. Chardon Contract Intercessor, both of whom were the product of many generations of successful show beagles raised by Dr. Charles and Donna Kitchell in Eldridge, Iowa. As a young pup, Shooter earned several points towards a championship degree. Although possessing much inherited show potential, his campaign in the show ring was cut short in favor of his greatest lifelong vocation, fatherhood. For a time, Shooter made his home in Little Falls, Minnesota with his human companion Bonnie Schaeffel. Later he joined his son, Scout, at his forever home at Lonesome Grove in rural Tyndall, South Dakota with the Schroeder family in September 2009.

Shooter was the foundation of the Lonesome Grove pack, both genetically and in character. The role of father, grandfather, and pack leader suited him well. On November 26, 2013, he officially became a first-time great-great-great-grandfather. Shooter led the pack by example, always behaving in a mature and calm manner. Those who knew him considered him the picture of the perfect beagle, companion, and leader.

Shooter died on Friday, January 10, 2014 at the age of 10 years, 6 months, and 29 days at his home surrounded by his family. He is survived by his 597 known descendants, fellow pack members, and his many human companions. Shooter’s final resting place will be beneath the large Cottonwood at his beloved home, Lonesome Grove. 

Shooter will be missed but will continue to impact many lives through his remarkable offspring and their faithful human companions.