Monday, April 7, 2008

Health Care

The 7 week old puppy that leaves Lonesome Grove will have had its dewclaws removed, 3 wormings, its one necessary shot at six weeks, and a vet exam before leaving.

Your puppy will need a booster shot at 9 and 12 weeks, and a Rabies shot at 12 weeks.

All of our puppies are first started on Science Diet puppy ration. By the time they are about 5-6 weeks they are eating Science Diet Small Bites Puppy food (this is not the same as Puppy Original, which has chunks that are too large). They do very well on this diet and we recommend they continue on it at least for the first month after arrival.

Just before leaving, all puppies receive a bath and have their toenails trimmed again (something that must be done regularly throughout their life).

We take great care to assure that your puppy comes to you happy and healthy. A good start for you!