Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A note to share.....


Dean and Tena,

I wanted to take some time to thank you two for a wonderful
experience! I have to say, initially I was very apprehensive about buying a puppy from an online breeder half way across the country. I heard all kinds of horror stories and experienced myself some other breeders that felt suspect. Your website was extremely re-assuring and your constant photo updates and videos calmed my jumping nerves. After speaking with Dean I had a feeling that the person I was dealing with had great love for these puppies he was selling. It was a completely new experience for myself as well as my girlfriend She would constantly express her doubt about buying a puppy online and I would assure her everything would be fine, even though I was terrified myself! The payment process was fairly simple and straight forward, it was easy and fast. When I learned that Charlie would only be on the plane for a few hours in made me much more calm. I picked him up from the airport to find a friendly, social, and well adjusted little eight week old!! It was clear in his actions that he had been cared for and socialized from day 1. Charlie comes right up to all people had has nothing to share but love and curiosity. We have been filled with joy and love since the introduce of our new puppy. Every single person comes up to Charlie and comments on how nice looking his markings are and how friendly he is. I wake up every morning two hours before work to take him out on a walk, something I could never bring myself to do before for anything!! We are so proud of him when we take him out, We've never felt more like parents than we do now. I want to express my deepest thanks to your family for making this happen. I would like to tell all people who inquire on your website that your family has impacted our lives more than anyone could imagine. Please post this letter on your website if possible for I truly want people to share in the joy my girlfriend and I have received. Thank you so much.

Your Friends,

Caleb and Xiomara