Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Maybe I am just too opinionated. Maybe I am an unaware canine racist, a "beagle bigot" if you will. I can honestly say that I will never have any other breed but Beagles. I grew up with hounds and find no other canines to be so clearly loving and attached companions. You can just look in their eyes and see there is a connection there. Its like looking into the eyes of your own child; no words need to be spoken but you just know where you stand.

We are working on the process of growing our kennel. Our whole family is devoted to our dogs and we love to raise up puppies for other eager families waiting for a Beagle of their own to love. In the spring we are putting up a new kennel building that will be insulated and heated, with ample space for our growing pack. Some may think that if you own more dogs than can live in your house, you are a puppy mill. That is certainly not the case. Our dogs are loved and cared for by a mom and a dad and a houseful of beagle-crazy kids.

We do everything we can to ensure the greatest health and care of our dogs. I wonder sometimes if our vet gets sick of us stopping by asking questions, looking for advice and information all the time. He is a good and patience friend who never seems to tire of being helpful and concerned about our dogs too. He asks about them by name!

So, I guess I am guilty of discrimination in the dog world. I am sure there are many loving and wonderful pets and companions of other breeds. There are few things that can teach responsibility and nurturing like a family pet. I am glad that many other breeds have devoted followings- as they should- but for me and my house it will always be Beagles and only Beagles.